City of Citizens City of Citizens

This exploratory tells stories about cities and people living in it.  Data scientists describe those territories by means of data, statistics and models. This allows citizens and local administrator to better understand cities and how to improve them.

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Well Being and Economy Well Being and Economy

This exploratory uses data of purchases in supermarkets and investigates the changes in people’s behavior after the economic crisis. This study allows to work out an early indicator of disease. We also study the measurement of the real cost of life by studying the price variation.

Furthermore we try to correlate people well being with their social and mobility data, discovering that they change in poor areas.

Available from January 2018

Societal Debates Societal Debates

By analysing discussions on social media and newspaper articles, in this exploratory we study public debates to understand which are the most discussed topics. We can identify themes, following the discussions around them and tracking them through time and space. 

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