Barcelona Supercomputing Center

  Centro Nacional de Supercomputación


Nadia Tonello

For further information, interested users can contact the institution mediator by mail from the Mediators page.




Clusters description and Technical Characteristics


  • NordIII (756 compute nodes, 12,096 Intel SandyBridge-EP E5–2670 cores at 2.6 GHz, with at least 24.2 TB of main memory.)
  • MareNostrum 4 (3456 nodes, 165888 processor cores and 390 Terabytes of main memory)
  • CTE-Power 9 (52 compute nodes, each of them: 2 x IBM Power9 8335-GTH @ 2.4GHz, 512GB of main memory, 2 x SSD 1.9TB as local storage, 2 x 3.2TB NVME, 4 x GPU NVIDIA V100 (Volta)
  • Storage: HSM (disk, tape)

Technical Information to Access the Computing Resources

  • MN4: MPI, Singularity, Git, Slurm
  • Nord III: OpenStack system, plain Virtual machines, CUDA

Availability of the Resources

  • Visitors Places: 2 (transnational access only)
  • Visitors will have access to the Nord3 computing cluster.
  • Computing hours: shared with the host group, upon availability
  • Storage quota: shared with the host group, upon availability
  • Relevant Links: PRACE calls to access other computing facilities of the institution.

Administrative Access Mechanisms and Requisites