Institution Mediators


Mediators are affiliated to the host institution, providing information and administrative support to the users.

They are in charge of facilitating the local contacts and help users to follow the institution access procedure.

All technical information of the host institutions published in this portal are provided by the mediators.


Users interested to join an institution are invited to send a mail to the corresponding mediator by clicking to the contact email link, with further questions, if any, or asking for details about the access procedure.


Institution Mediators Contact

Vittorio Romano

Pasquale Pagano

Roberto Pellungrini email
Rajesh Sharma
Ivar Koppel
Nadia Tonello email
  Vaiva Vasiliauskaite email

Jurek Leonhardt

Oleh Astappiev



Kimmo Kaski email
Kalina Bontcheva email
Juan M. Duran