Users Guide


The HPC Network Portal hosts all the information and links to permit users to explore the HPC resources available for the project.

All the infrastructures are presented in the portal with their main characteristics, to permit an easy comparison for the user who is looking for the most suitable institution to contact.

The Home link at the top-left of the page brings the user to the main page.

The menu with the links to access the information and navigate through them is at the top of each page.



The SBD++ consortium offers access to the HPC facilities listed under the Institutions link.

By clicking the institution’s logo, acronym or name the user will see a schematic description of the resources related to the institution, and useful links.

Note that the comparison of the main resources offered by the institutions is possible from the tables displayed under “Computing” and “Storage”.



The SBD++ partners provide resources to allow visitors to execute large scale experiments on their High Performance Computing facilities.

The main characteristics of the computing facilities are listed in a single table, for direct comparison.



Likewise the "Computing" table, the storage capacity, the connection to the computing and technical accessibility is listed in the same table for all institutions.



Users can at any time contact the institutions for solving doubts, asking details about the infrastructure and the access to it. The Mediators page shows the list of contact persons (the Mediators) and a link to reach them via email.


SBD Catalogue

It is an external link to the SoBigData Catalogue site. Here the user can look for datasets, tools, publications, etc. shared by the SBD community.